Tool servicing and revision


In order to improve the quality of the services that we provide to you - our customers, we have our own service shop to carry out repairs of power tools. Qualified and trained service technicians will check, diagnose and repair any malfunction on your tools. More than 5000 various broken machines pass through their hands every year, shortly coming out as functional tools that can be used for your projects. And when we say shortly, we mean really short time, because we know that your power tools need to work and not lay in the shelf. 

AUTHORITY - The certificate entitles us to carry out repairs, expert inspections and tests in the following extent: electrical equipment with a voltage up to 1000V in non-explosive buildings.
See the image of certificate.

In our service shop we fix non-functional tools of the following brands:

  • REMS
  • DeWALT
  • Hi-Force
  • H&S tool
  • Deprag
  • Chicago Pneumatic
  • Kärcher
  • Rahsol
  • Gesipa
  • Gedore - servicing and calibration of torque wrenches

In case of interest, contact our service department: contact